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I pledge, if necessary, to join others in my community, and engage in acts of dignified, peaceful civil disobedience
Send your message here: Tell PepsiCo you won't have deforestation, extinction, or slavery in your home.
In 2013, banks poured $31.7 billion in financing the worst-of-the-worst U.S. coal mining and coal-fired power companies.
Tell the Snack Food 20 to remove "conflict palm oil" tied to rainforest destruction & orangutan extinction from their products.
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At Rainforest Action Network (RAN) we believe that a sustainable world can be created in our lifetime, and that powerful action must be taken immediately to leave a safe and secure future for our children. With the help of thousands of concerned supporters around the world, RAN has won dozens of landmark environmental commitments from America's largest corporations, including Citi, Home Depot, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Kinko’s, Boise and Lowe’s.


Rainforests are treasure troves of life, home to some of the most biologically and culturally diverse landscapes on earth. Since 1985, Rainforest Action Network has designed strategic campaigns utilizing bold tactics to defend the world’s most important and endangered forests.


To protect our climate and public health, we must decrease our country’s reliance on fossil fuel while building demand for a clean energy economy. Rainforest Action Network is using people power and creativity to challenge the coal and oil industries and the banks that finance them.


Rainforest Action Network campaigns for the forests, their inhabitants and the natural systems that sustain life by transforming the global marketplace through education, grassroots organizing and non-violent direct action. More »



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Amanda Keller and Michelle Bennett used the celebration of their very special sixteenth birthdays this year to raise $1,200 for Rainforest Action Network.